Why Are There No Traditional Fried Foods in This Area?

Indonesia is rich in culture and you can see it in different cities, regions, provinces and islands in thi country. Along with that, you might see and taste different typical food in Indonesia with its own characteristic. Many tourists said that Indonesian people love fried meals and most of them are fried but in Papua, it is hard to find fried meal and perhaps, you are not going to eat fried meals at all during your stay in that beautiful island and you have to know the reasons.


Why You Don’t Eat Fried Food in Papua?

Papua is so famous with its richness in culture and also nature. However, Papua also has some perfect delicacies you need to taste because all of them are coming from nature so all of them are so fresh and delightful. What makes Papua delicacies are different from other provinces in Indonesia is the process to make the food with unique ways. Whether you realize or not, there is no typical meal which is fried in Papua. Most of them have broth or perhaps the ingredients are grilled without oil.

The reason why you rare to see fried meals in Papua is because it is so hard for the people to get or buy fried oil. However, it is not only for oil but also for other ingredients or seasonings. It is hard for people there to get salt and even onion or garlic. That is why, they tend to cook the ingredients using the very simple method to maintain the nutrition inside the meals. Frying the ingredients is so delicious but it is unhealthy for health especially for long. The oil inside the ingredients can reduce the nutrition inside the meal.

Actually, they also use oil for some cooking but they use coconut oil which is healthier since there are so many coconut trees in Papua so it is easier for them to produce coconut oil. However, they don’t often ue coconut oil for cooking as well but for body and skin treatment. Most of cooking there are grilled using rocks or woods. They also use coconut milk to cook their meals without relying on fried oil only. Basically, the principal of culinary in Papua is so simple but they pay attention to the nutrition as well.

They always take the goodness from nature around the society and all of them must be fresh especially for the fish. There are so many delicacies made of fish there since Papua is surrounded by sea or water. They always maximize the nature to make their own delicacies. They plant their own ingredients especially if they live in the woods. They just need to go to their own garden or forest to find their best natural ingredients and change them into the best delicacies. Most of them are hunters and also fishermen.

Meanwhile, the main thing they eat is tapioca, not rice because the land is not suitable for planting the rice. All of them are made traditionally without oil so that is why the people there can live longer and they are healthy since they reduce the oil. Oil is also something precious and it is so expensive so it is better for them to make their own food using nature and also other healthy ingredients so they can enjoy the real taste of the meals and fresh ingredients inside.