Know More About Gayo Coffee During Your Touring

For you who love touring as much as you love coffee, you should never miss visiting Gayo, Central Aceh, Indonesia. Aceh, which is located in the northern edge of Sumatera, has a lot of various uniqueness. From its nature, cultures, culinary, and others. Moreover, Aceh is also famous as one of the biggest centers for Arabic coffee production.

Not only in Indonesia, but also in Asia. The quality of the coffee produced here is great at the world level. The coffee produced is called ‘Kopi Gayo’ or Gayo coffee. It is named after the village where the coffee is produced. Gayo coffee is one of the varieties of Arabica coffee that has a typical taste and aroma.



Gayo coffee has a strong taste, low acidity level with a little bit of spice flavor. This is why this kind of coffee becomes a favorite, especially in the United States of America and Europe. Its clean character makes it saleable as a house blend mixture. Another characteristic of Gayo coffee is it has inconsistent flavors. It is because the coffee plantations in Gayo have different heights as well as different cultivation methods.

The cultivation process in Gayo is performed in shaded places. This is why Gayo coffee is also known as shade-grown coffee. When you give a taste of this coffee, you will probably be able to taste buttery and nutty flavors. Its aroma is strong with nutty and spice accents. The acidity level is low and the sweetness tends to be high. The taste characteristics of Gayo coffee are actually similar to other Sumatera coffees. The difference is its clean aftertaste. This is why Gayo coffee is often used as a mixture for house blends in coffee shops.

There are more than one variety and various flavors of Gayo coffee that you can find in the market. But the most sold and cultivated varieties are red bourbon and timtim. It is because the coffee farmers in Gayo plant different coffee varieties in one plantation. The taste of Gayo coffee is indeed delicious. But its single-origin character is very limited and hardly found in other kinds of coffee. This is the reason why Gayo coffee is included as one of the most expensive coffees in the world.



Most coffee farmers in Gayo use the dry process method to process coffee seeds. This process becomes one of the factors why Gayo coffee tends to taste sweet. There is also Gayo coffee that is processed with a natural fermentation method. So, this kind of Gayo coffee tastes like wine due to the fermentation. The dry process method is mostly chosen because it is simple and easy.

The method is also often used for Robusta coffee and 90% of Arabica coffee in Brazil. If you are lucky, you can see the cultivation and processing method of Gayo coffee when you are touring to Aceh. So, are you interested to visit the place and enjoy original Gayo coffee?

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