Enjoy a Unique Breakfast Experience and Fun Entertainment in Kopi Klotok Yogyakarta

As one of the most well-known tourist destinations in Indonesia, Yogyakarta does not only offer interesting places to visit. The province is also popular with its delicious local cuisines. Many of them are recipes left by their ancestors that history can be traced back to hundreds of years ago. Kopi Klotok in Yogyakarta is one of the best places in the region where you can learn more about the traditional cuisines of local people. Here, you can have a unique breakfast experience that you hardly find in other places. 



Kopi Klotok Yogyakarta is the perfect place to enjoy the traditional cuisine of the region for many good reasons. The restaurant comes with a unique concept and design. Embracing the cultural and traditional life of local people, Kopi Klotok Yogyakarta adopts Javanese architecture and uses traditional furniture. Eating traditional foods in the restaurant, you will feel like you are in old villages.

The countryside ambiance of the restaurant can even be felt once you enter the front yard. Kopi Klotok serves iconic delicious Javanese cuisines for visitors. The main menus offered include “oseng jipang”, “lodeh kluwih”, "lodeh terong”, and “lodeh tempe lombok ijo”. Just like most of the Javanese cuisines, the foods provided in the menu also have a strong taste and spicy.

Aside from the main menu, there is also a wide range of side menus like “tempeh bacem” and Javanese traditional fried chicken that visitors can choose for. However, unlike the main menus, the side menu offered mostly come with a sweeter and salty taste. Using the buffet concept, people can pick up their favorite menu directly on the long table provided.

Aside from traditional foods, the restaurant also provides the famous “kopi klotok”. This is a traditional black coffee where the name of the restaurant comes from. Unlike most of the restaurants out there, people prefer to sit on the floor when eating in Kopi Klotok. The favorite seating area of most visitors is in the backyard. Here, they can eat tasty foods and drink traditional "klotok” coffee while enjoying green rice fields and coconut trees as the background.

Another reason that makes the restaurant popular among both local people and tourists is that all the menus come with affordable prices. A complete package of the menu is only IDR 11,500. Meanwhile, the price of a glass of “klotok” coffee is only IDR5,000 while the price of a crispy traditional fried banana is IDR2,500.



Kopi Klotok Yogyakarta is located in Kaliurang Street, Kilometer 16, Pakem, Yogyakarta. The restaurant is open daily from 7 am to 10 pm. However, make sure to come to Kopi Klotok restaurant earlier. This is because the restaurant is always full of visitors even shortly after it is opened.

You will even find it hard to find a seating area either inside or outside the restaurant at the weekend since it is always crowded. Most of the visitors come to the Kopi Klotok to have an enjoyable traditional Javanese breakfast experience while seeing spectacular green rice fields around it as the main entertainment. 

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