Bali Adventure – Enjoying Exotism of the Island of Gods and Eat with the “King of Jungle”

Bali Island is very famous for its exotism and natural beauty. It is the place where traditions, cultures, and modernity blend perfectly. The island offers visitors a thrilling adventure and there are many tourist destinations options to visit. Not only that but visiting Bali will provide you opportunities to look closer at the island’s wildlife. You can even eat in a restaurant with a companion of wild animals like a lion. Sounds fantastic? Yep, and Wana Bali Zoo Restaurant will make it possible. You will have no idea how thrilling it is without experiencing it yourself. 



From the name, you might instantly guess that the restaurant is located in the complex of Wana Bali Zoo. Yes, you are right. As the name suggests, Wana Bali Zoo Restaurant is situated just inside the zoo complex. It is on Singapadu Boulevard, Gianyar, Bali. Both the zoo and restaurant have a name taken from the Balinese language. “Wana” is “forest” in the local language, meaning that the animals in the zoo are given the same habitat as where they come from.

Being located just a throw stone from the animal habitat, Wana Bali Zoo Restaurant will provide you with spectacular views around the exotic rainforest of Bali. The restaurant also comes with a unique design and adopts a rustic style. Entering the restaurant, you will be welcomed with the warm and peaceful of a countryside ambiance. Wana Bali Zoo Restaurant is also decorated with rustic furniture that will remind you of life in villages.

The pieces of furniture used in the restaurant decoration are made by local people with Balinese art and carvings. Not to mention the tropical trees with natural elements you can find in every corner of the restaurant. It is really a perfect place to treat yourself after spending hours and energy exploring the zoo and wildlife there. Here, you can enjoy various delicious local cuisines such as Duck & Galangan Curry, Ayam Rempah, Soto Pesmol, Tongkol & Squid Salad, and more.



Having interactions with the king of the jungle while eating in Wana Bali Zoo Restaurant is another adventure you must not skip when visiting Bali. This is one of the best ways you can do to enjoy the island from a different perspective. You will find this experience very thrilling especially if you only spend your holidays in the sandy and clear water beaches of Bali.

Being opened for visitors from 9 am. to 10 pm, you can even have a delicious breakfast to get your energy before starting the adventure around the zoo. Just prepare yourself and don’t be surprised when all of sudden a lion or maybe some come approaching your table. Just look around and you will find that the restaurant where you are sitting is located right in the middle of a lion cage.

Don’t worry about your safety since there are thick and strong glass walls that separate you from the lions. In this way, you can eat your meals while seeing the lions doing their activities around you. 

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